Stickies Control Agents

The need for stickies control agents

Stickies are one of the key challenges when recycled fibre is used. Occasionally, the converting plant may even send adhesives back into the paper mill with its broke.

Typical challenges posed by stickies include:

  • Deposition on wires, press felts, dryer cans, fabrics, calenders and in the sheet.
  • Sheet defects and breaks, leading to huge amounts of downtime to remove the defects from the paper machine.
  • Problems in converting, as stickies can even hide in the sheet until they reach the customer's site, where they make a rude appearance.

Application Areas

A comprehensive stickies control program can make use of stock treatment, wire passivation, felt conditioning, dryer passivation and/or dryer fabric cleaning. The type of control program used depends on the mill's stock prep system and on-machine cleaning, as well as the type of furnish used and the grade of paper produced.


Amazon Papyrus has a range of stickies control agents including encapsulation, microfixatives and dispersants for stock treatment. For surface treatment, we have wire and dryer passivation agents and felt conditioners which are effective at keeping stickies from depositing onto your fabrics. For cleaning, our range of heavy duty cleaners can remove even the most stubborn deposits from machine surfaces.

Although stickies will always be a challenge for paper mills, our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.