Fibre Cement


The need for defoamers - Typical challenges associated with air in stock and surface foam includes:

  • Basis weight variations
  • Reduced drainage
  • Microbiological growth
  • Reduced cleaner efficiency
  • Reduced operating capacity
  • Sheet surface defects
  • Deposition in machine system
  • Housekeeping/Safety
  • Loss of additives
  • Poor consistency regulation
  • Poor chest level control

Application Areas

Defoamers are typically applied at the following areas of fibre cement machine:

  • Water collection tank underneath the machine
  • Effluent treatment plant


Amazon Papyrus has a range of defoamers based on the following:

  • Surfactant concentrates
  • Fatty alcohol dispersions

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

Coagulants and Flocculants

The need for organic coagulants and flocculants:
Organic coagulants are highly charged low molecular weight polymers designed for coagulations (charge neutralization). Flocculants are high molecular weight molecule whose charge density ranges from low to high. They are highly effective in helping solid-liquids separation in clarifiers, thickeners and sludge dewatering equipment in waste water treatment plant. Their benefit includes:

  • Improves final effluent quality
  • Improves settling rates in a sedimentation Clarifiers
  • Improves flotation rates in dissolved air flotation units
  • Increases final sludge density, dryness of cake and lower filtrate solids
  • Lower dosage requirement and cost effective


  • Coagulants
  • Anionic and Cationic powder flocculants