Dryer Fabric Cleaning Agents

The need for dryer fabric cleaning agents

Contaminated dryer canvas can lead to the following problems:

  • High steam consumption.
  • Poor moisture profile.
  • Lower web transfer stability.
  • Breaks.
  • Downtime to change the dryer canvas.
  • Premature change of the dryer canvass. i.e shorter working life.


The use of dryer fabric cleaning agents provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced level of breaks.
  • Reduced level of steam consumption.
  • Higher production levels.
  • Improved paper quality.

Application areas

Dryer canvas cleaners are typically applied via a low pressure, low flow fan shower bar with good coverage in a strategic location within the circuit of the canvas run.


Amazon Papyrus has a range of dryer fabric cleaning agents including alkali and non-alkali containing grades.

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.