Odor Control Agents

The need for Odor Control agents in Paper mills 

The formation of odors in and around a paper mill are more than just an unpleasant by-product of the papermaking process. The odorous substances can also affect product quality and may result in complaints and reduced revenue. Odor emissions may lead to grievances from neighbors, complaints from authorities and even call the industrial location into question. Occupational safety may even be endangered in some extreme cases.

Identifying causes of odors and implementing corrective action is paramount for the survival of the industry while maintaining efficient production process.

Application areas

Amazon papyrus has proven applications and experiences in controlling odors in this area :

  • Microbiological related odors in finish products 
  • Big stock towers and recycled stock chests in wetend system
  • White water and recycled water system
  • Dryer exhaust stack
  • Effluent / WWTP plant
  • Effluent Sludge dewatering, collection, and landfill system
  • Cooling towers and other utility facilities 


Our Odor control product range for paper machine application comprise of :

Air phase-Odor neutralizer. The product is a proprietary formulation of several essential oils and a food grade surfactant that neutralize the unpleasant odor by reacting with the odorous chemistries and neutralize them. It is biodegradable and totally safe to people, animals, and plant life.

Fragrance.  These scented versions of AmiSense provide the user with pleasant odors that suppress / substitute the unpleasant odors in the treated air. Instead of neutralizing the malodor thereby yielding no odor, these new products neutralize the malodor and leave a subtle floral / herbal / fruity scent behind. 

H2S scavenger for Paper machine Wetend is the powerful neutralizer of H2S with fast acting oxidizing power that is effective over a wide pH range.  It can be fed alone with simple feed equipment without addition of Sodium Hypochlorite. The  reaction with H2S does not create troublesome chemistries to the process. 

WWTP H2S scavenger is a metal salt coagulant for the neutralization of hydrogen sulfide odor in waste water treatment plant. This product reacts with H2S to form blackish, odorless, metallic precipitants to be carried away with the sludge. This product is very effective in neutralizing H2S because the reaction is irreversible. This prevents the odorous hydrogen sulfide from being released to the atmosphere where it is potentially lethal. 

Biocides. Proper use of microbiological control agent will help to control the overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and other troublesome microorganisms responsible for the generation of foul odors in the papermaking process. Amazon Papyrus has a range of microbiological control agents / bio-dispersants based on synergistic blends of non-oxidizing products.

Cleaners. Anaerobic bacteria that create microbiological odors often hide and grow underneath organic / inorganic deposits. These deposits also act as seed for further microbiological / deposit growth site in subsequent processes. Effective cleaning during shutdown will help the removal of these old deposits. Amazon Papyrus has a range of cleaners with powerful blend of alkaline, acid, surfactant, solvent, wetting agent, sequestrants, etc.

The Landfill cover treatment forms a polymeric coating that effectively reduce the landfill odor problem, while eliminate problems of dusting and erosion of top layer even under the rain. This application requires only one twentieth space compared with soil cover in normal landfill and it has lower cost than ordinary plastic cover. It can dramatically increase the landfill cost efficiency and increase the life of the landfill site. It is an environmentally friendly product and can degrade in natural conditions.

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.