The need for enzymes

Several types of enzymes are used in the newsprint market segment to achieve specific objectives. Typically, these include fines management, stickies control and deinking.

Application areas

Careful selection of the appropriate type of enzyme is of key importance as enzymes are used for specific objectives and in different areas.

Drainage enzymes effectively clean up the system from colloidal fines, which hamper drainage on the newsprint machines. These enzymes work in conjunction with polymer based products to effectively deal with drainage issues.

Ongoing intensive research work is being conducted to develop enzymatic counterparts of conventional deinking and stickies management.

Dosage levels, feed locations, operating conditions vary based on mill system and the extent of the problems faced by the mill. Dosage levels typically range from 50 g/ton to 500 g/ton of paper produced.


Amazon Papyrus has a range of enzymes to meet specific objectives.

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