Green and White Liquor Clarification Aids (Polymer)

The need for green and white liquor clarifying aids 

Clarification aids are typically high molecular weight, anionic powder polymers.

Green and white liquor clarifying aids are mainly used to improve the clarity of green and white liquor, keeping the TSS below 50ppm in green liquor and below 20ppm in white liquor.

Clarification aids are effective settling aids used to minimize the level of suspended solids in green liquor and for the clarification of white liquor suspended solids.

The use of green and white liquor clarifying aids provides the following benefits:

  • Improved settling rate of dregs and other suspended solids in the green liquor clarifiers.
  • Improved clarity of green liquor.
  • Improved filtration of dregs and washing efficiency in the dreg washer.
  • Increased causticising efficiency in white liquor via the removal of heavy metals along with the dregs in the dregs washer.
  • Reduced NPE carry over in the liquor cycle.
  • Reduced level of dirt and colour reversion caused by carbon and iron particles in the bleached pulp.

Application areas

Treatment dosage and application points depend on nature of the substrate and operating conditions. Typical dosage ranges from 0.2 and 5 ppm for clarification.


Amazon papyrus has a range of green and white liquor clarifying aids for different raw materials and specific purposes.

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.