Microbiological Control Agents

The need for microbiological control agents in pulp mills 

Typically, microbiological control is not crucial in pulp mills except in very specific situations such as wet lap machine and pulp preservation (in emergency situations).

The use of microbiological control agents serves the following purposes:

  • Preservation of wet pulp for shipment to nearby mills.
  • Preservation of wet pulp in emergency situations. 
  • Odour control for very specific grades

Application areas

Microbiological control agents are usually applied in the mill’s water tanks (for mill water sterilization) and in the pulp slurry for the wet lap machine. 


Amazon Papyrus has a range of microbiological control agents / bio-dispersants based on synergistic blends of non-oxidizing products.

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.