Green Technology

Green Technology, we care for the environment.

At Amazon Papyrus, we apply our technological expertise to provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions using environmentally friendly technologies and on-site services.
We work closely with you with the aim to promote safe applications, maintain clean environments, reduce residual of toxic materials in finished products and effluents, optimise fibre, water and energy use.

Our technological expertise also includes the application of bio-dispersants, as part of a microbiological control program to reduce the need for toxicant agents (biocides) in the application, hence reducing the presence of toxic by-products in the mill's finished products and effluents.

Our enzymatic applications covers a broad range of areas including brightness enhancing, bleach boosting, refining energy reductions, drainage improvement, starch modification and boilouts.

As you browse through the other sections of our website, you would see our broad range of deposit control agents, machine cleaners, fabric cleaners/conditioners, defoamers, strength agents, coating additives and microbiological control agents. Within the range, we would also have some which are categorised as Green products.