News and Events

10 Dec 2015
3rd Food Contact Material Safety Symposiums Guangzhou, China

Ezwar Roezzaman, Group Product Manager presented a paper on “Controlling Bacteria and Spore in Food Packaging Paper”

01 Dec 2015
Publication of technical paper in CPPI (Dec issue)

Ezwar Roezzaman, Group Product Manager published a technical paper on “Improved Microbiological Control Program Design in System with Higher Water Closure”

06 Nov 2015
Sichuan University of Science & Technology Sichuan, China

Sponsored the inaugural meeting of the Pulp and Paper Faculty Alumni Association of Sichuan University of Science & Technology. In addition, scholarship awarding ceremony also being held at the same day

01 Nov 2015
Paperex New Delhi, India

Amazon Papyrus Chemicals showcased some innovative technologies in the Paperex India 2015

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