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15 Dec 2014
announcement - SCS

Amazon Papyrus Chemicals Ltd announces purchase of the assets of Specialty Chem Solutions Co Ltd. (SCS), in Thailand.

14 Aug 2014
Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. (Waraq) Startup New Machine PM3

On 13th July 2014, one of our key customers in Saudi Arabia, Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. (Waraq) started the commissioning for new machine (PM3) for liner and medium grade and celebrated with first paper roll

17 Dec 2013
Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO) Wins PPI 2013 for Water Efficiency

On 10th of December, our key customer in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO) won the Pulp & Paper (PPI) Award 2013 for Water Efficiency

31 Dec 2012
Asian Paper 2012, Bangkok

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