Functional Fiber-Based Packaging ASIA Seminar


Thanks to CMT inviting us to chair the conference.

As we discuss functional fiber-based packaging, it's important to acknowledge the growing demand for sustainable packaging in Asia. India's sustainable packaging industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% between 2023-2028, driven by the circular economy concept and its government policy.

Government policy has a significant role in accelerating the adoption of fiber packaging through regulations and incentives, such as imposing taxes or fees on single-use plastic packaging to discourage its use.

Big brand owners like McDonald, Nestle, Electrolux and others have set clear sustainability goals to replace plastic or other composite packaging materials with solutions made from plant fibers and pulp, actively collaborating with industry stakeholders to find alternative solutions without using harmful materials like PFAs.

Consumer perceptions towards packaging material have also shifted, with younger generations having higher tendency to choose sustainable fiber-based packaging over single-use plastic packaging.

The efforts of brand owners, government policymakers, and consumer behavior are driving the growth of fiber-based packaging.

However, challenges need to be addressed, such as improving fiber-based material barrier performance and cost-effectiveness to provide a truly sustainable alternative to plastic.

Company like Amazon Papyrus Chemical, work along the value chain from paper makers, converters and brand owners to find the optimal solutions for barrier coating with the right performance and cost effectiveness. It's crucial to discuss and work together on the challenges and opportunities of implementing fiber-based packaging in the industry to promote sustainability and address environmental concerns.

It was inspiring to see so many industry professionals come together to discuss the latest advancements in sustainable packaging made from renewable materials. We covered various topics, including the benefits of using chair fibers, the challenges faced by the industry, and the opportunities for innovation.

We are excited to see the industry continue to move towards sustainable solutions and look forward to keeping the conversation going. Thank you to everyone who participated, and let's continue to work together towards a more sustainable future!

Amazon Papyrus Chemical provides full range of paper and pulp process chemicals, barrier coatings and non -PFAs barrier functional material for molded pulp application. 

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