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Improve production efficiency and deliver product quality to your customer with our solutions and chemicals 

Tissue towels are light weight, soft, and have good strength and absorbency. Manufacturers are looking for solutions to improve tissue properties in the meanwhile also to reduce environmental impacts. Energy efficiency is one of the key focus in the industry. With our full range of solutions and in-depth experience, we can help you to improve quality and production efficiency.

Why Us & Case Sharing

Reasons for choosing APC Group
Efficiency, runnability, and Quality improvement
Product properties Enhancement
Process Optimization
Improve runnability by reducing pinholes with AmiCoat
Customer’s problems

A tissue mill experienced uneven moisture, coating layer & poor sheet formation when the production capacity increased. Incremental defects from hard coating deposits and pin holes were found after production capacity growth.

APC’s Solution

Wider temperature tolerance AmiCoat was recommended. The softness of the coating layer was improved, allowing the doctor blade to remove the excess coating before it became too hard to be eliminated. AmiCoat also allowed the coating to build up evenly on the Yankee, reduce hard edge deposits and reduce pin holes significantly.

Customer Benefit(s)
  • Improved production productivity due to more stable machines running at higher speeds and capacity
  • Reduced sheet breaks from picking
  • Developed a more homogeneous coating layer on Yankee
  • Extended the creping blade life with reduced blade wear

Our Offers

APC Group’s innovative Tissue Application Solution provide our customers with:
Creping Aid
AmiCoat TC series comprises a range of Yankee coating adhesives for manufacturing bathrooms, facials, napkins and towels. The range also includes products desig ...
Tissue Converting
AmiBond CW/CP/SL/TS series comprises a range of products that can be used effectively as tissue-converting adhesives for core winding, core picks up, lamination ...
AmiSoft series comprises a range of softeners and lotions for producing bulk and surface softness tissue grades. AmiSoft can be used either in the wet end of th ...

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