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Water Closure

Helping Our Customers To Meet Their Water Efficiency Goals

How It Helps

Mill closure continues to receive focus within the pulp and paper industry. Worldwide, most mills have accomplished some degree of closure. Some mills practice water optimization to comply with existing government regulations or because they lack sufficient water resources. Most systems can tolerate a certain amount of water closure.  

Application Areas

Recycled water can impact production and finished product quality and the effectiveness of equipment and process chemical programs. The increase in system contaminants negatively impacts productivity and product quality. Retention and drainage aids, internal sizing, strength and deposit control programs are greatly affected by changes in water characteristics. We work closely with our customers to evaluate the impact of water closure on wet end stability and deposition of various materials. We reevaluate the chemical additives and treatment programs used throughout the mill. A mill closure project involves teamwork, planning and time. Together, these items will smooth the road toward water optimization goals at minimum expense and without sacrificing quality and productivity.


Amazon has a broad range of products used by our customers when they close up their water system to serve a specific purpose. These include using scale control agents, polymers, biocides, cleaners etc. Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

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