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Improve the quality, recovery and productivity

Pulp is the primary material for paper production. Pulp producers are facing more challenges than ever due to the increasing demand from environmental regulation. The industry is extensively finding solutions to optimize resource consumption, minimize emission/effluent from mills, reduce carbon footprint and harmful chemicals usage, and improve production yield and quality.

APC Group has extensive experience in the industry. It provides customer-focused service and a wide range of product portfolios to support the industry in meeting regulatory requirements and improving their profitability.

Why Us & Case Sharing

Reasons for choosing APC Group
Vast experience in providing chemical solutions to the pulp manufacturing process
Innovative chemical solutions and treatment approach for each mill
Technical and service team, which has in-depth knowledge of the process
Customized Slag control to improve the pulp mill's most significant bottleneck in their recovery boiler
Customer's Problems

A dissolving pulp mill faced the high deposit (slag) built up in the recovery boiler, which significantly reduced heat transfer efficiency. This resulted in a short water wash cycle and increased washing frequency, impacting the overall pulp production throughput. 

APC's Solution

With detailed inspection and analysis by our pulp mill team, a patented technology, AmiSperse AP 8211, was applied and optimized the number & locations of dosing points (injectors) 

Customer Benefit(s)
  • Reduced water wash frequency from 5 to 2 times per year  
  • Increased water wash cycle from 60 to 175 days   
  • Reduced carbon footprint through:  
  • Improved efficiency of soot blowers and reduced steam consumption 

With AmiSperse AP 8211 application, the recovery boiler reached a new record for continuous running without production stoppage & water wash for 372 days. 

  • Improved heat transfer and higher boiler thermal efficiency 
  • Reduced ash purging  

Our Offers

APC Group’s innovative Pulp Process Application Solution provide our customers with:
Digester Additives
AmiSperse AP series is a wide range of cooking aids to enhance the penetration of chemicals into the wood chips to debottleneck the process. Digester additive i ...
AmiDefoam is a wide range of defoamers (Silicon, surfactant and fatty alcohol type) to suit all applications in pulp mills, ranging from Brownstock washing, ev ...
Recovery Plant Application
A wide range of APC Group's products for Chemical recovery plants include slag control, lime mud washing agents, scale control, polymers for green liquor and w ...
Complete Contaminant Management
Mill-specific effective treatment programs for all contaminants (organic contaminants like pitch/resin, inorganic scale and microbiological). Various applicatio ...
Dissolving Grade Pulp & Viscose
Comprehensive package for DP, Viscose and other specialty pulp like Lyocell include DA, Resin Control, Defoamers, Metal Ion control, Xanthation aids, Silica Con ...
High Yield Pulp
Mechanical pulp like BCTM and APMP require various specialty chemical applications like Metal ion control for improving the performance of Hydrogen Peroxide, Sc ...

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