Tissue Application

Creping Aids

Advance Yankee Surface Management For Highly Efficient Tissue & Towel Manufacturing

How It Helps

The use of creping aids provides the following benefits: 

  • Creation of an interface between the tissue and the Yankee drying cylinder to protect the Yankee drying cylinder from wear and corrosion from the doctor blade. 
  • Creation of a medium to improve sheet structure and crepe formation. 
  • Improved sheet breakdown to give better surface softness by creating a finer crepe.
  • Improved bulk softness due to better crepe microfolds and macrofolds during the creping process.
  • Improved blade wear and tear and gives better blade life.
  • Allows the mill to make added-value tissue products.

Application Areas

Most creping and release products are applied by the use of a spray to the Yankee surface using a dedicated spray bar and spraying rig.    

In tissue mills, using an Infrared thermal camera (shown below) can help create real-time images, which in turn help to select the right creping program. We conduct technical audits using Infrared technology as a diagnostic tool to improve creping, felt cleaning and wire cleaning operations. Infrared also helps improve the creping process and reduce the moisture variations in the reel by highlighting other problem areas in the Yankee and around the system. In addition to using Infra-Red,  stroboscopic detection techniques (via videos) are also used to identify problem areas.


AmiCoat TC series comprises a range of Yankee coating adhesives for manufacturing bathrooms, facials, napkins and towels. It includes specially formulated products to provide adhesives ranging from soft and hard tack to soft set and quick set for slow machines. The range also includes products designed for use in modern high-speed machines.

AmiCoat TM series comprises a range of specially formulated inorganic and organic modifiers to complement the AmiCoat TC range of adhesives, giving cylinder protection and coating flexibility.

AmiCoat TR series includes a range of vegetable, mineral and synthetic release agents, including plasticisers to complement the adhesives for all types of tissue production, edge control and papers requiring release properties.

Amazon Papyrus has a range of creping adhesives, release agents, coating modifiers and plasticisers. These products allow optimisation of your Yankee coating chemistry for the grade of the paper you are making, whatever your furnish conditions, fibre type, recycled fibre content and operational speed. 

Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products and spraying systems, considering your finished product requirements and if wet end stock chemicals provide the release and adhesive properties. We could also help you to design the appropriate spray equipment to meet your machine requirements, including spray pattern and nozzle selection to meet the operational criterion.

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