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Scale Control

Professional Solution For Management Of Inorganic Deposits

How It Helps

Reduce the downtime and enhance runnability and efficiency

Scale formation occurs in different areas of the pulp & paper-making process. These include the digester heater, screens in washing, filters, drums (plugging) in washing/bleaching, along the pipelines, control sensors, liquor evaporator, vacuum pumps, scrubbers and tank surfaces. These could lead to a significant negative impact on productivity and product quality. Scale control agents inhibit the formation of scale on equipment's surface, pipelines, control sensors, vacuum pumps etc., thus ensuring optimum efficiency.

Application Areas

Our AmiSperse AP scale control agents could be applied to all areas defined above or other places where scale formation may occur, including paper machine equipment such as screens, head box slices, showers, vacuum pumps etc. 

Amazon Papyrus has a range of scale control agents, including custom blends of sequestrants, chelants and dispersants that helps prevent scale build-up in critical areas. Whether your system suffers from calcium carbonate/oxalate, barium sulphate, sodium carbonate/sulphate or silicate deposits, hard or soft scales, we have the technical expertise to give you control over deposits. Our professionals will work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your needs.


AmiSperse AP comprises a broad range of scale control agents which remove the development of inorganic deposits on machine surfaces. 

They provide paper makers the most effective scale inhibition program and monitoring, ensuring safe, effective and consistent applications. 

Our professionals will work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your needs. 

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