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Contamination problems can damage the mill's profitability as off-spec pulp or paper is produced, reduced runnability, inefficient use of fibers, water, and energy, and costly unscheduled shutdowns are taken. An effective contaminant control program can reduce these deposit-related problems, minimize their impacts on the process, and assist the mill in achieving its goals while contributing to its bottom line.

Why Us

Reasons for choosing APC Group
Improved runnability due to increased production, higher machine speeds, reduced downtime associated with deposition problems, and excessive cleaning /wash-ups
Product properties enhancement through a reduction in holes, dirt, and other sheet defects
Reduced off-grade or rejected Pulp /paper products
Conservation of fibers, water, and energy
Fiber cost saving through the increased flexibility of using lower-cost secondary fiber while retains

Our Offers

APC Group’s innovative Complete Contaminant Management Solution provide our customers with:
Felt Conditioning & Cleaning
A properly designed press felt cleaning and conditioning treatments program will significantly impact the efficiency of water removal in the press section. Our ...
Microbiological Control
Amazon's AmiCide BX and Amisperse series cover a broad range of microbiological control agents to control excessive microbial growth during the pulp and paper m ...
Organic Deposit Control
Our AmiSperse AP and AmiPac AP product series combine the benefits of stickies/pitch control agents, detackfying agents, and fixatives. Typical applications inc ...
Deposition in pulp and paper mill systems can destroy a mill's profitability as off-spec pulp or paper is produced and costly unscheduled shutdowns are taken. A ...
Scale Control
Scale formation occurs in different areas of the pulp and paper making processes, impacting productivity and product quality. Our AmiSperse AP Scale control age ...
Pitch/Extractive Control
Wood pitch deposit results to lower productivity and is a major cause leading to a quality downgrade of the final product. The shortage of fibrous raw materials ...

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