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Odor Control

Professional Approach In Handling Industrial Odors

How It Helps

The formation of odors in Pulp, Paper and many other Industries is more than just an unpleasant by-product of the process. The odorous substances can also affect product quality and result in complaints and reduced revenue. Odor emissions may lead to grievances from neighbors, complaints from authorities and even call the industrial location into question. It would be an occupational safety issue in some extreme cases.

Application Areas

Amazon papyrus has proven applications and experiences in controlling odors in these areas: 

  • Microbiological-related odors in the finished products 
  • Big stock towers and recycled stock chests in a wet-end system 
  • White water and recycled water system 
  • Dryer exhaust stack 
  • Wastewater collection, clarifications and sludge dewatering  systems  
  • Pulp mill condensed storage tank and chimneys 
  • MSFE cooling towers in Rayon mill 
  • Rubber plant storage, washing, and scrubber system   


Under AmiSense OC series comprises a range of odor control agents, including air phase-odor neutralizers, Fragrance (Masking agent), H2S scavengers, and landfill cover treatment. Each treatment can be used independently or in combination with other treatments to provide the most effective odor control application tailored to the customer’s processes and needs.            
Our air phase-odor neutralizer is a proprietary formulation of several essential oils and a food-grade surfactant that neutralizes the unpleasant odor by reacting with the odorous chemistries and neutralizing them. It is biodegradable and safe for people, animals, and plants.   

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