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Dosing, Monitoring, Control Solution

Designed To Optimize To Your operational And Sustainability Goals

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Our chemical feed systems are an important part of our chemical supply and applications package. We work closely with you to customize safe, reliable, user-friendly chemical feed systems to meet your needs.

We also offer comprehensive and tailor-made program monitoring. Our customer service laboratories provide accurate and timely analysis of customer samples to optimize your operational and sustainability performance, including downtime reduction, minimization of resource consumption, product quality improvement, and long-term asset protection.

Why Us

Reasons for choosing APC Group
Efficiency, runnability, and Quality improvement
Process Optimization
Timely monitoring leads to a fast response to process variations/changes
An in-depth understanding of our customer's processes and strong product & application knowledge ensures accurate responses to the program's performance

Our Offers

APC Group’s innovative Dosing, Monitoring, Control Solution provide our customers with:
AmiTrack is a secure web-based monitoring and tracking system that enables our customers and Amazon personnels to remotely 24/7 monitor Amazon's applications an ...
Field Monitoring & Services
We use a combination of onsite services to provide timely answers to troubleshoot problems and plan for improvements.
Customer Service Labs
Our customer service lab is an integral part of Amazon Sales and Services to our customers. It provides analytical works to support our chemical applications in ...
Dosing Equipment
Our chemical feed systems are an important part of our chemical supply and applications package.

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